About Marian A. Jacobs

Marian's passion for story in all its forms leaves her fingers itching to find words to type, a camera button to press, and a part to play. Raised as a die hard sci fi and fantasy nerd, Marian remembers drawing the Starship Enterprise when asked to color a picture of her favorite television show in Kindergarten.  She now strives to tell fantastical stories that create more virtuous hearts in her readers. 

Marian grew up in sunny Yucaipa, California. She attended California Baptist University where she earned her B.A. in Theater Arts. In 2010, Tim and Marian moved to Louisville, Kentucky where Tim earned two masters degrees in theology and Marian began her pursuit of both photography and writing. In the six years spent in Kentucky, they were blessed with two little girls, Jane and Maggie.

In 2016, the Jacobs moved to Houston, Texas where Tim enrolled in a masters to PhD program in philosophy with special interest in virtue ethics. Subscribe to his philosophy YouTube channel here. In the one year they have lived in Texas, Marian gave birth to baby number three, Peter. She also finished her very first novel, The Mind of a Beast

There is never a dull moment and the Jacobs are excited to see what God has in store for them in the coming year!