Are you or your child a voracious reader of young adult fiction? For many parents, it would be impossible to read every book your child is reading. But just how uninformed are you to what is being consumed by the middle schoolers and teens in your home? 

"'I’m just glad she’s reading.' You’ve heard it before. Maybe you’ve said it yourself. You think it’s great that your teen or preteen is enjoying literature. And it is great.


Many parents think any book is better than hours in front of a screen. But they may be blissfully unaware of some current trends in young adult (YA) fiction.

This article isn’t primarily about censoring your child — or even yourself — from the world of secular fiction, but about knowing what’s out there and guarding the hearts of your family through prayer and critical thinking (Proverbs 4:23Philippians 4:6–8)."

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