Fears Shrink When God Grows: A non-fiction narrative


I recount a severe car accident that will impact my family and me for the rest of our lives.  It was because of this ordeal that I experienced crippling anxiety for many years. After searching for answers to overcoming her fears, God provided them through continuous prayer and the council of a pastor. I was eventually able to see that my anxiety was rooted in idolatry.


"It was August of 2009, an hour west of Flagstaff, Arizona. I was sitting shotgun in my boyfriend’s Jeep with his dad in the back seat, driving cross-country from southern California to Chicago. We were on our way to attend seminary, or so we thought. An hour after we stopped for lunch, both my boyfriend and I were overcome with sudden exhaustion. There would be no staying awake.

I was woken abruptly by my boyfriend’s father urgently calling out his son’s name. I looked up just in time to see us drifting off the highway. The Jeep jerked right, then left, eventually sliding perpendicular on the road. The cruise control was still on, and we were traveling fast."

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