Originally published in the literary journal, Greater Sum, this short story is now available in ebook format! Click here to purchase on amazon.com. 

Update! This story got a facelift thanks to the wonderfully talented graphic designer, JT Wynn, from stageandstory.org!

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Twelve year old Lexi has been a date picker in the nuli valley for four years. She, along with her entire people, are slave laborers, collecting the master’s food, mining their planet’s energy source. 

Yet the birth of Lexi’s baby brother has put her life, as well as her entire family, in danger. Due to the growing population of the workers, the masters have ordered the death of every male infant in the nuli valley. 

Lexi lives each moment in suspense, praying the God of All Realms would spare her brother from death. She must decide the lengths she’s willing to go to in order to help her brother survive.

When ancient history encounters modernity in this classic tale of slavery and genocide, one family will learn what it means for the God of all Realms to have control of their destiny. Star Wars meets the Bible in this sci fi retelling of Exodus 1 & 2.


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