The Jacobs are moving! Well, sort of. 

Let me back up. We’ve been living away from our family and going to school for over nine years now. The last three years have been in Houston. Our time in Texas has been bittersweet. God blessed us in many ways during this time, but, truth be told, it has been lonely and stressful for many reasons. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious to leave. 

All this time, Tim has been bearing the burden of going to school full time and working multiple jobs to support us. He now has three master’s degrees and will soon finish his PhD. This summer he acquired his fifth adjunct teaching position. Yes, you read that right. Five. Jobs. This past semester he worked four jobs, did independent study, studied for a huge latin exam, and prepared for his PhD comprehensive exams. Oh yeah, and he was super dad. Just to put that into perspective for you, most PhD students taking comprehensive exams do nothing else. They don’t take classes or teach, and most don’t have families.

Tim was spreading himself thin, and I was, after nearly a decade of school and being away from family, not emotionally or physically healthy. Well . . . I was downright clingy to be honest. With one very important semester left in Houston until Tim begins his dissertation, we need to make a big change to make sure this semester is a complete success. 

So come August, we will load up the kids, the dog, and a few suitcases and drive to Palm Springs, California. And then Tim will fly back to Houston without us. He will join us after the semester ends, thus ending our time in Texas. We know it’s a little crazy! But with things the way they are, we need drastic change. 

Houston friends, please don’t hear that you are not dear to us. It is because this season has been so hard that you are all the more dear and important. The Lord did not make us comfortable in Texas, but he did give us a few friends that we will miss so very much. My heart breaks just thinking about leaving you

California friends and family, we are looking forward to seeing you very soon! But, as far as we know, this move is not permanent. After Tim finishes his dissertation, he will apply for a full-time teaching position somewhere, and we will, Lord willing, move to a more permanent location. 

Kentucky friends, I know I said that my modular class at Southern would bring me back to Louisville at the beginning of August. But with this change happening, I will be switching classes to later in the semester. I hope to see you all again in September or October. 

Please pray for us during this time. Pray the Lord will refresh us and strengthen us. Pray that he will sustain us during our time apart. 

Thank you for supporting us during this time!