How Does Your Family Read Fantasy?

Parents, try these tips to help children mature as fantasy readers.

This article was featured in Lorehaven Magazine.

“In Exodus 31 and 32, Moses ascended Mount Sinai to communicate with God. Meanwhile, the Israelites grew impatient for his return.

So impatient, in fact, that they asked Aaron to make them gods to worship (Exodus 32: 1–6).

They were like small children, quick to disobey when they thought the Lord wasn’t watching. And like small children, they needed structure and simple rules to point their hearts toward truth.

Shepherding our children is no different than God’s progressive revelation. Parents start by teaching their children through rules, then progressively give them more freedom to make decisions for themselves as they mature in wisdom. We follow the same process when we teach children to think through speculative fiction in age-appropriate ways. . . .”

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