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In K.B. Hoyle’s The Oracle, the second installment of The Gateway Chronicles, Darcy Pennington returns to the magical land of Alitheia. Unwilling to face a future betrothal to Prince Tellius, Darcy asks an oracle if the prophecy is accurate regarding their fate. She is completely unaware of the magnitude of her request. Her petition magically tied her to the oracle and she must travel on foot for months to receive an answer. What she didn’t anticipated was the cost. The evil entity not only demands payment, but requires something far more valuable than Darcy could have imagined--or is willing to part with.

It is undoubtedly a rite of passage for a youth to make a mistake in ignorance that has more negative ripple effects than they could have ever dreamed. At first, we look down on their actions, condemning them for their selfishness and stupidity. But in reality, we as adults are no different. We’re just a lot better at hiding it sometimes.

Although Darcy faces immense shame and guilt for her rash act of petitioning the oracle, someone else in the story did the very same thing years before: the mentor character, Rubidious. I find it sad and ironic that Darcy feels so much shame when Rubidious must have been a lot older when he asked a selfish question of the oracle. And that’s what made this story so real. Not only does this situation humble those who are tempted to condemn others for their folly, it also shows how God instills wisdom through suffering and sin.

Another wonderful journey through Alitheia! I can't wait to read book three!