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Lorehaven’s mission: to chase fantasy joys all the way back to their Giver.

  • Book Reviews

Lorehaven review team

Explore the best new fantastical novels from Christian authors. Browse each title and learn more at lorehaven.com/library.

  • Sponsored Reviews: The Ghost Mine

Ben Wolf’s sci-fi actioner escapes the haunts of space horrors.

  • Featured Review: Fawkes

Lorehaven review team

Guy Fawkes’s 1605 gunpowder plot gets a color-magical twist.

  • ‘I Process Big Questions Through Story’

Story: E. Stephen Burnett

Nadine Brandes loves heroes who fight to find themselves in the color of truth.

  • Fanservants: How to Become a Spiritually Leveled-Up Christian Geek

Paeter Frandsen

God encourages us to be kind and compassionate, even in our fandom fights.

  • Fanservants: How Does Your Family Read Fantasy?

Marian Jacobs

Parents, try these tips to help children mature as fantasy readers.

  • Sponsored Reviews: The Sorcerer’s Bane

C. S. Wachter flings thematic windows open to sunlight and storms.

  • New Worlds: Horror Reveals Human Sin in the Dark

Mike Duran

Classic novels and films trace their fears all the way back to the Bible.

  • Sponsored Reviews

Journey Into Legend

All the realism and complexity of Journey into Legend wraps around an old, blazing vision.

Road of the Lost

Aidan Russell creates action-driven fantasy of all the good old things.

  • Folklore: Flood Legends Rise from the Depths of History

Tim Chaffey

From the Bible to modern flood fiction, we keep encountering Noah’s Ark.

  • Roundtable: Engaging That @&*% Our Stories Often Say

Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Morgan L. Busse, Mike Duran, Steve Rzasa, E. Stephen Burnett

Join the debate over hot topics based on biblical grace and truth. Our expert panel explores how Christians discern ‘bad words’ in fiction.

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