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Fantastic stories are capable of God-glorifying good, but also idolatrous evil.

Book Reviews

Lorehaven review team

Sponsored Review: Affinity

Lorehaven review team

Affinity is a creative and original play on old concepts, and if you’re willing to take the ride, you’ll find it goes places.

Featured Review: Mark of the Raven

Lorehaven review team

Here’s dreaming that fans can share in more stories like this.

‘I Want to Share with Other People Who God Is’

Interview with novelist Morgan L. Busse

Morgan L. Busse’s fantastic realms challenge us to ponder our place in God’s world.

Fanservants: The Secret Identity of Christian Geeks

Paeter Frandsen

In Christ, you are a holy, adopted, cosmic ambassador on a mission.

Fanservants: Molding Your Child’s Plastic Imagination

Marian Jacobs

We can nurture young ones’ creativity for the glory of God.

New Worlds: The Christian Roots of Fantasy

R. J. Anderson

The genre once known as ”fairy stories” sprang from biblical ground.

Folklore: Werewolf Tales Reveal the Beast Inside

C. W. Briar

Dark creatures personify our struggle against the sinful nature.

Roundtable: Engaging the Magical Spellcraft of Stories

Parker J. Cole, Marian Jacobs, Ronie Kendig, Robert Treskillard, E. Stephen Burnett

Our panel explores how Christians discern fiction’s magical elements.