This article from Christianity Today is a pretty offensive one considering the trending authenticity in American churches right now. But I'm a huge fan of not throwing the baby out with the bath water. Ever since attending an "authentic" church years ago, I've seen time and again how it's crippled the faith of some believers. Once struggles and sins are confessed to a friend, repentance is sometimes forgotten altogether.

And now, this trend has invaded mommy culture like crazy. Isn't it important not to try to portray your life as perfect when it's far from it? Absolutely! (Here's where we don't throw that baby away!)

All those times I yelled at my kids today because they were driving me crazy? My fault. We all know we can't make our kids perfect no matter how hard we try. But I can fight the temptation to yell, and instead teach them the gospel through proper discipline.

And I'll be the first to authentically say that the piles of dishes and laundry are not always a result of being truly overwhelmed. In fact, most of the time (at least in my home), they're a result of laziness. Which is sin that should change.

Now please don't hear me say that having dirty dishes is a sin. Far from it! There are always seasons of life that require it, in fact. The point is, we shouldn't even be asking ourselves whether or not our homes are too messy. We should be examining our heart and motives for why we do the things that we do (or don't do). 

So by all means, be authentic. Confess your sin to a trusted friend, and then repent.