I love Jane Austen, guys. When I grow up, I want to be Jane on a spaceship.

Naturally, I was thrilled to read The Jane Austen Project by Kathleen Flynn. A man and woman from the future travel back to 1815 to befriend Jane and recover her lost novel, The Watsons. Austen + speculative fiction = pure awesomeness! No wonder it took me so long to stop reading. . . .

But here's the truth: Jane Austen would not like this book. This entire story had an awkward sexual tone in a most un-Austen way (lust, sex, masturbation, etc.). Furthermore, Austen may have been something of a "feminist" for her time, but she was also deeply religious. It felt as though Flynn sought to capture not who Jane Austen really was, but who Flynn though she ought to have been. I forced myself to stop part way through. Not recommended!