News on my creative writing pursuits

I am currently querying literary agents with my completed manuscript, The Mind of a Beast—where Beauty and the Beast meets Gaskell's North and South.

This project has been been a thrill to create, and I am very satisfied with how it's progressed over the last three years. 


Much is expected of Penelope Grey in order to accomplish her father’s political aspirations. In an effort to escape the stifling hypocrisy of the upper class and her jealous older sisters, Penelope spends her time with a family of work handsthe common laborers of Viertes. She becomes entangled in their desolate lives and underground rebel alliance against the oppressive Chancellor Orgill.

When Penelope learns the governor arranged her marriage to the chancellor’s arrogant son and heir, she panics and flees her home on horseback. After clumsily hitting her head on a tree branch, she blacks out. Penelope wakes deep in the forest and is greeted by a friendly, yet insane, disembodied voice. An intimate friendship forms between herself and this stranger. Yet, more than just his appearance remains a mystery. His claim of immeasurable age is perplexing, though he knows more about the shrouded history of her people than anyone she’s ever met.

Penelope must choose between the path set by her fathergoing against the advice of her friends the work handsor flee her home, placing her trust in a plan that was set in motion centuries before. As secrets unfold, Penelope realizes the key to freeing herself and her people will come from a mere voice on the wind.

While I await agent rejection emails, I'm also in the very slow process of outlining my next book. It is yet unnamed, but I've been calling it Fira as a place holder until a lightning bolt of inspiration strikes. This story will take place on the same world as The Mind of a Beast, but in another country. It will have an entirely new cast of characters that I am already deeply in love with! As soon as I have a solid outline, I will update again with a story blurb.