News on my work-in-progress, The Mind of a Beast

The fourth draft was a quick one! I was ready and pumped to make the necessary changes. My query letters are now in the hands of some talented agents. I can't wait to start outlining my next novel! 

November 26, 2017

Feedback from betas was really helpful and positive. It won't be long before I'm ready to query literary agents!

November 15, 2017

October 1, 2017

I finished my third draft today and sent it to beta readers. This draft was far more difficult than I could have anticipated. With summer vacations, some serious writer anxiety, and Hurricane Harvey, my editing was delayed time and time again. But it's finally done and I'm really happy with the state it's in right now!

July 15, 2017

I've received my beta reader feedback and finished all the chunky rewrites. I'm beginning to see the end of the tunnel! Now I need to delve back in and nitpick my way through this thing. My to-do list consists of strengthening the themes, internal monologue, and prose. This is the boring part but so very necessary. I'm looking forward to sending it back out to beta readers next month sometime.

May 11, 2017

 I've finished my first round of edits on my novel! It was more difficult to edit a book with a newborn than I thought. But thankfully, I found a routine that worked for us and now the book is finally in the hands of my beta readers until the end of June. I'm already going crazy waiting to get that feedback!

November 29, 2016

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) was a bit crazy for me last year—and a bit unconventional. I worked on the first draft of my book for two years when I decided I needed to power through to the end. Using the support of nanowrimo, I word sprinted through it. My third born, Peter, was the prize at the end of my rainbow. Don't underestimate how hard it is to write like a crazy person when you're a mother of two active little girls and eight months pregnant. But I did it!