News on my creative writing pursuits

I am currently querying literary agents with my completed manuscript, The Mind of a Beast—where Beauty and the Beast meets Gaskell's North and South, meets Nebuchadnezzar from Daniel 4.

This project has been been a thrill to create, and I am very satisfied with how it's progressed over the last few years! 

While I await agent rejection emails, I'm writing the first draft of my next book. It is yet unnamed, but I've been calling it Fira as a place holder until a lightning bolt of inspiration strikes. This story will take place in the same world as The Mind of a Beast, but in another country. It will have an entirely new cast of characters that I am already deeply in love with! I hope to update again soon with a story blurb. 

Because I don’t already have enough on my plate, I started writing a steampunk novella—a retelling of Pinocchio wherein the puppet is an automaton. This was originally inspired by the song Robot by Tripp Lee.