About Marian A. Jacobs

Thanks for visiting my tiny crevice of the interwebs! I’m Marian, writer of science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction. I’m currently attempting to find a literary agent or publisher for my fantasy novel, The Mind of a Beast—where Beauty and the Beast meets Gaskell’s North and South.

Stuff that makes me happy: Jesus, stories, electronica, musical theater, country music, sewing, photography, virtue ethics, earl grey tea, oil paintings, rap/hip-hop, trees, my family, Scrabble.

Stuff that makes me unhappy: Coffee, lots of blood, being cold, laundry, pickles, couches too fancy to sit on.

Most of all I love to tell stories that create more virtuous hearts in my readers.

I’m a staff writer at Lorehaven Magazine on the topic of parenting and fantastical fiction. My articles have been featured on Desiring God, Speculative Faith, Stage and Story, and Youths With Questions. My novelette, “Drawn from the Water,” was originally published in the literary journal, Greater Sum. It’s now available on Amazon in ebook format.