I'm eight months pregnant, trying to get myself and the girls out of the OB office, through the front desk (to register at the hospital), and on our way to drop Jane off for school. The woman at the front desk is extremely rude to me, so I leave to bring the paperwork back another time.

And I'm running late.

I snap at the girls while getting them in the car, then promptly apologize. I tell them I'm sorry for yelling, and that I'm sad because the lady was mean to me. Then it hits me that I need to be consistent with everything Tim and I have been teaching them lately about being kind and forgiving others.

I had been so angry leaving the hospital, and just I wanted to get in the car, pick up the phone, and complain about snarky desk lady. Instead I force myself to say to the girls, "But . . . I need to forgive her."

I'd forgotten my phone at home which turned out to be a blessing. I was forced to spend the whole drive to Jane's school telling myself to forgive the woman at the front desk. These little girls make me realize how frequently I don't act the way I want them to.