***Update: I made it to the finals and won a swag pack of Lunar Chronicles goodies and an autographed book. Here's the final blog on the fabulous winner, Tereza! Congrats!

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am a. Big. Fat. Nerd. When asked to draw a picture of my favorite TV show in kindergarten, I drew a picture of the Enterprise from Star Trek. So when I learned that Marissa Meyer, author of some of my favorite sci-fi novels, The Lunar Chronicles, was holding a bookmark design contest, I just had to enter! Introducing my very first piece of fan art!

This is a double-sided bookmark design featuring all four female protagonists from The Lunar Chronicles. All images were shot and designed by myself. A big thank you to Manny Pedroso for a bit of photoshop help on Cress' photo. 

Just in case you're curious, here's the story behind each photo:

Cinder: This photo was taken in Shepherdsville, Kentucky in the garage of a mechanic friend. Cinder was played by Kendra Christy. 

Scarlet: This photo was taken in Shepherdsville, Kentucky in front of my neighbor's house. Scarlet was played by Katie Christy.

Cress: This photo was taken in the model's home in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Cress was played by Hannah Simpson.

Winter: This photo was taken at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Winter was played by Symone Robinson.

Below are the full-sized images from each session.